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Drink Up

Updated as new rules are drafted. Latest update: April 10, 2011, 12:49 p.m. CDT

While watching the Top Chef All-Stars reunion special tonight, my sister, Marcie, via Twitter, started drafting rules to the accompanying drinking game. I couldn’t resist joining in. Of course, we wish we’d have come up with these during the season, but Bravo is always generous with the reruns and marathons, so there should be ample opportunity to play.

The rules, so far (in the order we came up with them):

  • Shot of gins and tonics every time Gail mentions the pepperoni sauce. (Marcie)
  • Every time Mike Isabella takes a deep breath out, Shotgun a beer. (Me)
  • If someone says “hootie!” and you don’t answer “hoo!” take a shot. (Marcie)
  • Every time Fabio mangles the pronunciation of a word, chug Italian wine. (Me)
  • When someone mentions Elia they must take a shot of Grape Pucker. (Marcie. I also suggested swallowing a bitter pill.)
  • Angelo rocks sunglasses, Courvoisier on the rocks. (Marcie)
  • Every time Blais looks worried/doubts his awesomeness, drink something bubbling with dry ice. (Me)
  • Every time Tom Colicchio calls out a chef for their bullshit, confidently sip a Diet Coke. (Me)

With more time, I’m sure we could come up with more fun rules. Would love to hear suggestions for more. Perhaps after a couple weeks of Top Chef Masters, we’ll have a new game to play.

Play responsibly.



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