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A few weeks ago, while back home in Battle Creek, MI, visiting my parents, I took full advantage of their vast On Demand movie selection and watched “Julie & Julia.” Ever since, I have been dying to own “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Thanks to a Groupon to Barnes & Noble, I am now the proud owner of both volumes.

After caressing their glossy covers, I cracked open the large volumes to get an idea of the wondrous variety of recipes at my disposal. My thoughts, via text (reproduced verbatim), to Adam as I flipped through:

There are *10 categories* of sauces. Just *sauces.*

She has entire sections on sweetbreads and brains.

My kitchen is so not Julia-complete.

I have to Blanche bacon before using it. Adam: Why? Me: Because French bacon isn’t cured. They recommend smoked bacon cause it’s the closest, but “If it (blanching) were not done, the whole dish would taste of bacon.” I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, but I’ll trust Julia.

Volume 2 has croissants!!!!

Oh, god bless them–detailed drawings on how to knead bread!

There’s a *sausage* section!

Pommes de terre au basilic–sliced potatoes simmered in cream and basil. I think I just came.

Les Truffes au chocolat–Rough balls of melted chocolate, butter, and orange liqueur rolled in cocoa look like freshly dug truffles. These homemade candies are easy to make and, unfortunately for those who are trying not to resemble Babar the elephant, they are quite irresistible. (Exact excerpt from Vol. 2)

I cannot wait to attack these books! We need to have dinner parties all the time!
Adam: I agree wholeheartedly.

Fear not, I have no intention of mounting Julie & Julia: The Sequel, but I will likely share at least some of my experiences as I attempt the recipes of an icon. I cannot wait.





  Leslie wrote @

Doesn’t she have a whole section consisting of aspics? I read Julie and Julia and it seems that in half of the book Julie had to make aspics!

  Searching for Tony Bourdain wrote @

There is an aspics section. I’m afraid to look. Gelatinous savories don’t really get me all hot and bothered.

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