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the transition

Our namesake, Anthony Bourdain, made an announcement this morning: He is ending his current project, No Reservations, on Travel Channel, at the end of this season.

But that isn’t the end of the story. Instead of retiring to his New York apartment or to his long-time-fantasy retirement country, Vietnam, he’s got a new job: Hosting a Sunday primetime show on CNN.

Starting in early 2013, he’ll be hosting a new travel, food, and culture show on the cable news channel. While I don’t always agree with their political stances and analysis methods, some of the international reporting on CNN is excellent. He’ll be joining the likes of Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zakaria, and Christiane Amanpour. Their international reporting is almost as good as that of the BBC and NPR, and this can only bode well for Tony. He will also provide commentary and analysis across other CNN platforms.

In a tweet, Tony said, “Moving with same ZPZ (Zero Point Zero Productions–his No Reservations production company) crew over to CNN to do another world travel show. Congo? Libya? Finally?” While these places are not terribly safe these days, CNN will give him the resources to explore parts of the world that Travel Channel, and its parent company, Scripps (which also owns Food Network), would not.

I am saddened that No Reservations will come to an end, just as I expect The Layover will after the second season, but I am excited to find out how this new show will develop, and am excited to see where he goes next.


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